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The links on this page are intended to provide you with as much additional information as you could possibly want. Please do not feel overwhelmed. You don't need to download everything! By downloading just the Design Guidelines and the design site boundary, you can quickly get started. You can always come back here when you have questions or are ready to learn more.

  • Washoe County Development Code
  • Pyramid Lake Museum
    Visitors of Pyramid Lake can learn more about its fascinating history and its native inhabitants, the Paiute Indian tribe, at the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe Museum and Visitors Center. Exhibits at the multi-purpose museum describe the tribe’s history and culture and offer insight into why the Paiute people hold the lake and its surrounding landscape so sacred.
  • LAGI 2020 Fly Ranch Reference Guide
    Links to helpful information, reading material, and references.
  • Burning Man Project 2030 Environmental
    Sustainability Roadmap

    It’s time to rally the significant intellectual, creative, and financial resources of the Burning Man community to develop, proliferate, and scale environmental sustainability solutions.
  • Fly Ranch Roadmap
    We all have different views of what Fly Ranch could become: a healing center, a desert art center, an energy park, an organic farm, a botanical garden, a site for interactive teaching and learning, a Burning Man laboratory, a makerspace, a space for transformative gatherings, a sustainable model for communal living, and more. Our 3,800 acres holds diverse ecosystems and varied resources, so the future could involve some blend of these and other visions.
  • 10 Principles of Burning Man
    This luscious poster series illustrating the 10 principles of Burning Man was created by David de Rothschild and Guillermo Flores (see even more of Guillermo's beautiful work on Behance!).
  • Field Guide to Renewable Energy Technologies
    (2nd Edition)
    By the
    Land Art Generator Initiative
    The future we would like to see is one in which we are surrounded by the most diverse ecosystem of renewable energy technologies and landscapes, each a reflection of local culture and context. In this future, where you will be surrounded by beautiful renewable energy generators, you will surely need a guidebook in order to know if that thing that you find so beautiful is a semiconductor-based artificial photosynthetic cell, a piezoelectric generator, a triboelectric fabric, or a dye-sensitized solar cell. What is the future that you would like to see? Use this book and design your own renewable energy landscapes!
  • Circular Economy in Cities
    From the Ellen MacArthur Foundation
    How can we embed circular economy principles to build thriving, liveable, and resilient cities?
  • Circular Design Guide
    The Circular Design Guide is a collaboration between the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and IDEO.
    24 methods on how to design for a circular economy, plus resources, workshop guides, and case studies. A great starting point for the circular designer.


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