LAGI 2020 Fly Ranch

We create unique educational programming for all LAGI design competitions. In the past this has included our Field Guide to Renewable Energy Technologies, 2014 Art+Energy Flash Cards, 2016 Youth Design Challenge, 2018 POWER Art+ Energy Card Game, the 2019 "Solve the Climate Puzzle"—puzzle and card game, and much more!

Regenerate! (available fall 2021) is the educational project of the LAGI 2020 Fly Ranch design challenge developed in collaboration with Tunnel Monster Collective and Fly Ranch Project. Learn more here >

It's a collaborative resource management game that teaches players about regenerative land stewardship, sustainable development, and systems design thinking.

The game is played over 20 Rounds during which teams design and deploy Projects that allow them to gain resources (Water, Energy, Food, and Capital) and score Community points. All resources must be managed efficiently and Community Score is used to assess the team’s performance at the end of the game.

The goal is to maintain regenerative conditions at Fly Ranch as you develop the land, engage with community, and navigate unexpected events. This requires strategic Project design to maximize regeneration and minimize degeneration.

The team must also manage random Events, which are revealed at the beginning of each round. As the game progresses, more Event Cards are revealed each round, and the positive or negative impact of Events are intensified. This simulates the impact of Climate Change on community development and landscape conservation. Events can impact short-term and long-term strategy, so the team must be agile and robust, allowing them to adapt to the challenges of a changing climate.

Dream! Design! Deploy!

LAGI 2020


LAGI books have been published with Prestel, Hirmer, and Page One Publishing. LAGI 2010 Dubai/Abu Dhabi: The Time is Now, LAGI 2012 Freshkills Park: Regenerative Infrastructures, LAGI 2014 Copenhagen: New Energies, LAGI 2016 Santa Monica: Powering Places, LAGI 2018 Melbourne: Energy Overlays, and LAGI 2019 Abu Dhabi: Return to the Source (cover shown below), have had broad international distribution and are often used in university studios around the world.

The top submissions from LAGI 2020 will be featured in a similar publication. Design by Schifino Design. Edited by Robert Ferry and Elizabeth Monoian, LAGI Founding Directors.

field guide to renewable energy technologY

second edition (2019)

The future we would like to see is one in which we are surrounded by the most diverse ecosystem of renewable energy technologies and landscapes, each a reflection of local culture and context.

In this future, where you will be surrounded by beautiful renewable energy generators, you will surely need a guidebook in order to know if that thing that you find so beautiful is a semiconductor-based artificial photosynthetic cell, a piezoelectric generator, a triboelectric fabric, or a dye-sensitized solar cell.

What is the future that you would like to see?

Use this guide and design your own renewable energy landscapes!   Free Download