Submission Format


  1. Exactly three (3) A1 size layout boards (PDF only).
    • Each layout board may not exceed 20MB file size.
      Layout boards must be landscape in orientation for consistency in jury review.
    • For examples of layout boards you can visit the below links where you will find a portfolio of submissions from previous LAGI design competitions.
    • Nowhere on the layout boards or written description file can there be any personal identifying information. The jury will see these boards and we must maintain anonymity of the entries.
    • During the upload process, all of your files will be automatically assigned a random character code and this will be used by the jury to identify your team.

  2. One (1) DOC or DOCX file containing:
    • a 1,500-word maximum written narrative that tells the story of your artwork and includes the information listed below (do not include any information within the written description file that could identify who the team members are);
      • technology used in your design;
      • list of activities your design would support;
      • list of system inputs (what is required to operate your system on an annual basis and what kind of maintenance is required?);
      • list of system outputs (for example, how many kilowatt-hours or cubic meters of water, what waste materials are generated and where do they go?);
      • list of the primary materials used in your design and major dimensions;
      • order-of-magnitude conceptual cost estimate;
      • a short summary of your strategy for on-site prototype development in the event that you are chosen for an honorarium grant, and;
    • In the same DOC or DOCX file, include a 500-word maximum environmental impact summary (this may be in addition to the 1,500 word narrative).

  3. Between three (3) and twelve (12) high resolution 300 dpi JPG image files (without text) or simple diagrams (without text). These should be the same images used in the layout boards. Images can be any orientation and dimension, but must not exceed 50MB each in file size.

    The purpose of these image files is to facilitate the production of the book and exhibitions. The top submissions will be published in this book. Please note that we might contact you for more images for the purposes of publication and exhibition. CMYK images are preferred.

    3D animation or virtual reality experience. Please send an email to with a link to this optional content. It is not a part of the upload process during submission. The jury will not have access to this content (and it will therefore not influence their decision), but it will be used in exhibitions and public events.





Register your team by creating an account at:

By registering early you will stay informed with updates throughout the open design period including live webinar sessions, Q&A updates, and much more. We highly recommend that you register early.

On the pages of the registration area you can access the Question and Answer (Q&A) document, a PDF that will periodically be updated as questions come in from teams and answers are provided by Burning Man Project and the Fly Ranch team.

  • Click “Register” at the top of the page.
  • Enter your name, email address, and pick a password.
  • If you encounter any difficulties or have any questions, please email



  • Teams may submit only one entry to the challenge. Individuals may not be on more than one team.
  • Be sure that no personal identifying information is visible on any of your layout boards, written description, or JPG images.
  • The naming convention for your files is not important. The LAGI submission process will automatically name the files and automatically assign a random 8-character code for anonymity.
  • Log into the LAGI 2020 Registration and Submission Portal the same way you did when you registered.
  • Click “Upload Your Submission.”
  • Upload your files using the online forms.
  • Locate each of your PDFs, JPGs, and your text file on your local computer by clicking “Add File” in each upload field. Click “Save & Continue” to proceed to the next field.
  • Make sure that your email address and all other team information is correct, and that all required fields are completely filled in. This is the information we rely on for publications and exhibitions.
  • Please be patient while each file upload is in process and do not navigate away from the page.
  • The last step is the Review & Submit page where you will find links to all of your files as well as a summary of the team information that you have provided. If everything is accurate, click “Submit” at the bottom. You may return and make changes to files any time prior to the submission deadline.


  • Your entry must not have been used in any other context, and it must not have been previously published or exhibited anywhere in the world.
  • The design must be kept confidential and anonymous until the results of the challenge are announced.
  • Anyone is eligible to enter the LAGI 2020 Fly Ranch design challenge.
  • There is no fee to enter.
  • See Terms & Conditions for more information.